The Play That Helps To Heal

Along side the therapist tool kit the principle factor in supporting a child is the H.E.A.R.T.S approach

  • Hear: The therapist listens to and hears the child both verbally and through the medium of play. This allows the child to feel valued and understood.
  • Empower: The therapist stays ‘in the moment’ with the child and is able to gain insight into the child’s world without influencing the play. This facilitates unconscious processing by the child. 
  • Attune: the therapist uses the ‘Tool Kit’ to engage fully in the child’s world through, puppets, role play, art and sand work and is able to make an emotional connection to support the child in their therapeutic journey. 
  • Reflect: the therapist reflects the child’s thoughts and feelings, both verbally and non-verbally, this gives the child insight into how they are and can enable them to gain better regulation of themselves
  • Time: The time and a safe, secure, confidential, space for the child to explore and work on their feelings at an unconscious level 
  • Support: the therapist provides as a few rules as possible, but as many as necessary to enable the child to gain a sense of self